Home Sport Der NFL- und NCAA-Football hat ein Trainerkarussellproblem

Der NFL- und NCAA-Football hat ein Trainerkarussellproblem

von NFI Redaktion

Raise your hand if you weren’t surprised that a defense coordinated by Matt Patricia gave up a last-minute touchdown in the Eagles-Seahawks game on Monday. Raise it higher if you’re not shocked that Matt Nagy and Nathaniel Hackett are struggling to find their respective offenses‘ rhythm. Okay, I don’t think Jack Del Rio’s (this season) dismissal was entirely predictable either.

I could go on all day, but for the sake of your shoulders, we shouldn’t. (Plus, you can lower your arm if you ever raised it.) The number of failed coaches in college football and the NFL is glaring. Obviously, the sport is a different industry, and the turnover rate is exceptionally high. Most good to great coaches get fired at least once in their careers.

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