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Der das Jahr 2024 mit dem falschen Fuß begonnen hat

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Fans of Udinese forced a brief interruption of the game, directing racist chants at AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan during a match at Bluenergy on January 20. Maignan, who is black, approached the referee in the 33rd minute and then left the field, followed by his teammates.

The game resumed after about 10 minutes. Maignan addressed the incident after the match.

„When I went to get the ball for the first time, I heard people calling me ‚monkey,‘ but I didn’t say anything; then they did it again and I asked the bench for help, then I said that you can’t play football like this.“

„This is not the first time this has happened to me. These are things that need to be said. They are ignorant people. The fan goes to the stadium to cheer, maybe to whistle, but such things should not happen in football.“

„No, I don’t want to meet anyone, I don’t want to talk to them,“ Maignan said when asked if he would be open to conversations with the offending fans. „They need to impose very strict sanctions, because talking doesn’t help anymore. They need to stay at home and not be allowed in the stadium anymore. Football is beautiful because families come to the stadium to have fun.“

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