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Der Countdown beginnt, während wir auf das Jahr 2023 zurückblicken

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Between the $787 million settlement in the lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems, the upcoming $2 billion civil lawsuit by Smartmatic, and the lawsuit by a former Fox News producer explicitly calling out Carlson, Chairman Rupert Murdoch unexpectedly had enough of Carlson and suspended him on April 24.

Carlson’s leaked text messages exposed him as a charlatan who takes any insincere position that would advance his career. Despite publicly being a serious member of the hostile press, Carlson privately messaged his colleagues, saying, „I hate him passionately“ and that „we are very, very close on most nights to ignoring Trump, I really can’t wait“, only to make a complete 180 on air. Carlson was one of many Fox News entertainers who posed as journalists and privately expressed thoughts that contradicted their public positions.

The final straw could have been texts of Carlson describing a Fox News manager as the other C-word. Carlson’s reputation still hasn’t recovered, with Jon Stewart condemning him for pretending to be Stephen A. Smith of CNN Crossfire almost two decades ago. Now, Carlson will be banished to the graveyard of former Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. Like most dark spirits, Carlson will rise again on OAN, Blaze, or another foolish network pretending to be the TV version of Truth Social.

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