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Der College-Basketball der Frauen ist die Hauptattraktion

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As football winds down and the NBA endures a lackluster All-Star break, it’s that time of year when the masses turn their attention to college basketball. However, many „fans“ will be in for a rude awakening when they realize that men’s hoops just isn’t as exciting.

Selection Sunday falls on March 17th this year, giving Americans less than four weeks to brush up on their knowledge. While CBS will unveil the men’s team live on its network, I’d advise keeping an eye on ESPN where the women’s team is represented – showcasing all the stars of the sport.

In a world where Caitlin Clark, JuJu Watkins, and Angel Reese reign supreme, don’t be a Kenny Smith in this regard.

If you’re a casual college basketball fan or have lost interest due to the transfer portal, additional COVID season, one-off events, or a combination of these things disrupting program and conference continuity, I understand, so let this be a mini-guide for you.

Let’s start with the Coaches

When Coach K left the game, no one had won more college basketball games than him. In the two seasons he was retired, his record was broken – twice. In January, Stanford’s legendary women’s head coach, Tara VanDerveer, surpassed Mike Krzyzewski’s record. Earlier this week, UConn’s legendary women’s head coach, Geno Auriemma, also surpassed Krzyzewski. Now we wait to see who will retire first, as Coach K firmly sits in third place for good.

Dawn Staley remains the top women’s coach, with South Carolina poised for success as the Elite Eight and Final Four will feature the best college basketball teams we’ll see all season.

Now onto the Players

Clark is the hottest name in all of college sports. Watkins may quietly be better than Clark, but plays for a weaker team and lacks the same All-American charm. Paige Bueckers continues to shine and is returning for a fifth year, hoping UConn will finally have a healthy season not plagued by injuries. LSU boasts many characters deserving of a reality TV show. South Carolina remains undefeated, with a freshman named MiLaysia Fulwiley coming off the bench and making Kyrie Irving-like moves in games.

Any player deserving hype in college basketball this season is a woman, not a man. The men lack stars. UConn and Purdue have been the top teams all season and neither team has a player NBA scouts are raving about.

Now the Drama

A few weeks ago, a certain group of people got upset when college basketball, Team USA, and WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes made a very logical and intelligent comment about Clark, suggesting she wouldn’t be able to dominate pro rookies like she does in college. This led to online uproar and even more drama.

On the men’s side, Rick Pitino acted hypocritically demanding a salary cap for players due to NIL while publicly ripping apart a recruit he had signed, saying, „It was the most uncomfortable situation I’ve encountered in my coaching career.“ He then doubled down.

Rick Pitino being Rick Pitino. Kids, Google your head coach’s history of scandals before you play for them.

The men’s season has been so disappointing that the Fab Five in Ann Arbor reunited, but it may still not be enough to save Juwan Howard’s job.

With college basketball games taking center stage next weekend, as games will be more prominently featured on network television, the usual suspects will still be around but not as familiar, as coaches, players, and programs you’ve never heard of receive more attention than you’re used to. That’s why you should devote the majority of your energy to the women’s side. Because if you’re truly a fan of college basketball, you’ll quickly realize how crazy it is to watch the men play.

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