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Der Abstieg in den Wahnsinn geht mit Nr. 40-31 weiter

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Recently, Christopher Michael Russo, also known as Mad Dog, was embarrassed for backtracking on a verbal promise he made in October about his career on air.

Russo promised to immediately retire if the Diamondbacks, who were trailing 2-3 against the Phillies, won the series in seven games and advanced to the World Series. In fact, Russo is an idiot and should apologize, not for betting against the D-Backs, but for expecting anyone to quit their livelihood over something they spewed for ratings. Russo may be an idiot, but he’s no fool. He knows people devour that stuff, and would be forced to tune in to hear him on Sirius XM or see him on ESPN.

It was a win-win for this fool and a letdown for those he deceived. Russo never intended to retire. Stop believing these nitwits, especially those named Russo or Stephen A. Smith. They continue to show us who they are. It’s time we start believing them.

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