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In a recent announcement, the minds behind the Danville Otterbots have introduced a second team that will also play in the city in Southern Virginia: the Danville Dairy Daddies, set to compete in the Old North State League college summer league. The team’s nickname and array of logos, featuring a robust bull figure, pay homage to Danville’s agricultural roots and tell a story about its future.

General Manager Austin Scher stated, „First and foremost, it’s a tribute to the still most significant economic sector here in all of South Virginia, which is agriculture. There are families and generations of families all throughout Danville and South Virginia that have grown up if not directly on a dairy farm, then nearby one, or have gone to school or church, played youth sports with dairy farmers or their children.“

The anthropomorphic bull character, named McCreamy, sports classic denim jeans with a large belt buckle and no shirt, showcasing broad shoulders, six-pack abs, and a welcoming look designed to make him the most popular animal on the farm.

When creating the character, Dan Simon from Studio Simon had one of pop culture’s smoothest talkers in mind: Joey Tribiani from the show Friends.

Scher pointed out that the team also drew inspiration from the iconic physique of the Bash Brothers, Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.

The team’s brand is full of contrasts meant to reflect a statement about Danville itself. While the colors pink and powder blue evoke extreme innocence like a baby shower or gender reveal party, the character exudes maturity. Even though this character is somewhat of a player, he is still a bull, one of the least sexy creatures in nature. The exaggerated masculinity portrayed by the character is underscored by a color the team refers to as „strawberry milk pink“ in the brand.

The apparent contradictions are metaphors for the home town of the team – where it comes from, what it is now, and where it is going.

The ideal human form of the bull is meant to tell an ambitious story, a metaphor for the ideal that the city of Danville aspires to achieve. The Dairy Daddy is not just any bull. He is the beast we might hope to become if we hit the gym every day, eat well, and take care of ourselves.

„To become more than this city has ever been before, something more than many people ever thought it could be – the Dairy Daddy himself is that vision,“ said Scher.

Among all these high concepts expressed in the brand, there is one detail that can be explained more pragmatically: the wordmark is designed in a specific font described by Simon as „cowy,“ underscored by a cow tail.

„That was just built in to keep the flies away,“ said Simon.

The Dairy Daddies will own, manage, and play baseball separate from the Otterbots, but in a different league. While the Otterbots play in the Appalachian League at the college summer level, the Dairy Daddies will compete in the Old North State League, also at the college summer level.

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