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Deandre Ayton eiskapadiert die neueste Peinlichkeit in Portland

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The NBA trade market is open for business, and one team wants to make it known that they are extremely open to offers. The Portland Trail Blazers may not have publicly announced this, but when your starting center misses a game due to too much ice, the telltale signs of a resurging apathy become apparent.

Deandre Ayton was unable to participate in the Blazers‘ victory against the Brooklyn Nets because he couldn’t handle the ice around his house. With the ongoing cold crisis in the USA and Ayton hailing from the Bahamas, it may have been an honest mistake that cannot be corrected by simply calling for a team member who managed to make it to the Moda Center for a ride.

It is not surprising, as long as Rip City is losing, GM Joe Cronin is content. Player development, coaching, experimenting, even performances – everything is optional as long as it leads to more draft assets and unchecked control over the front office. There is not a single player on the roster who doesn’t play as if they are ready to be dealt.

The problem is that the team traded Damian Lillard for quarters and has since moved at least one actual quarter (Jrue Holiday) for dimes and nickels. When was the last time Portland „won“ a deal? They own their pick and the top-4 protected pick from the Warriors (via Boston) in this year’s draft, but then they have to wait until 2029 to utilize the first-rounders they received from Milwaukee and Boston. While there are a few wishful dreams with the Bucks in 2028 and 2030 and Portland has all their own first-round selections, it pales in comparison to what other franchises have done, which is what Cronin is attempting.

The assumption that Jerami Grant, Malcolm Brogdon, Matisse Thybulle, or Ayton will yield actual returns also assumes that the performance of these players is desirable. They are all discounted because Chauncey Billups isn’t getting anything out of them.

Who will dress, how often they play, or what the schedule looks like remains unclear. The top-3 pick Scoot Henderson sees 20 to 35 minutes per night, most of which he aimlessly wanders and throws bricks. Shaedon Sharpe, arguably Portland’s number one, spent the first part of the season playing 30 to 38 minutes per game due to Anfernee Simons‘ injury but now only gets 25 when Simons is out.

Sharpe is currently injured and I’m sure he’s encouraged to take the time he needs. No rush. He’s a capable player, and „scoring points“ goes against the desires of the staff and front office.

Billups isn’t focused on winning or developing talent, and his relationship with Cronin seems to be the only thing occupying his mind. The GM doesn’t want to admit wrongdoing, as it’s another sign that he’s a fraud who only got the job due to Neil Olshey’s departure.

Someone has the ear of (alleged interim) owner Jody Allen and has convinced her that a reset should look like this. Portland lost a game by 62 points a week ago the fifth largest margin in NBA history.

None of this is normal, and Ayton isn’t taking a WFH (Work From Home) day because he didn’t shovel his driveway and couldn’t walk to a place reachable by an Uber. Un-damn-real.

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