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Das schmutzigste Team der NFL (und der Spieler) … und es ist nicht annähernd so

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To find the dirtiest team in the NFL, we looked at personal foul data since 2020 and the Pittsburgh Steelers were the clear winner. What leads to an NFL team being labeled as „dirty“? Typically, it’s attributed to a foul after the dead ball or extracurricular activity after a play (e.g. Chuck Cecil) during a play. Examples of dirty plays include unsportsmanlike conduct, roughing the passer, taunting, defenseless player hits, or brawls. Since the 2020 season, the Steelers committed 30 infractions – 18 more than the AFC North division rival, the Baltimore Ravens. According to the NFL, rule violations are taken very seriously, with NFL teams facing fines of up to $500,000 for each infraction that „affects the competitive aspect of the game.“

From all the teams in the league, the Steelers are the dirtiest team since 2020, both in terms of penalties and the amount of fines. 30 infractions in three years – totaling a whopping $5.3 million. This is the highest number of rule violations (NFL average is 13) and the total amount of fines imposed. The most common dirty play by Steelers players during this period was obscene gestures – interestingly, this happened every year in Week 12 of the schedule. The second most common was unsportsmanlike conduct. Each of these infractions has proven to be costly for the team in the financial department. The 30 infractions averaged over $178,000 per incident when distributing the total fines across the number of infractions.

The cleanest team in the NFL? The Atlanta Falcons. At the other end of the spectrum, the Atlanta Falcons were crowned the cleanest team in the NFL, only picking up 5 dirty penalties since 2020. That’s 83% less than the Pittsburgh Steelers and 62% less than the league average.

In the overall NFL, unsportsmanlike conduct was the most common infraction. This included things like verbal abuse, berating an official, or faking an injury. Other common issues included fights, roughing the passer, and hits on defenseless players.

The data shows that some positions are more prone to penalties than others, with wide receivers causing the most infractions, followed by cornerbacks and defensive ends.

We didn’t just look at the dirtiest teams, but also the players committing the most dirty plays and infractions. DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks was crowned the top offender in the league. With 7 infractions, Metcalf has broken the most rules in the last three seasons, with an average annual fine of $22,000. Unsportsmanlike conduct is the most common infraction in the entire NFL – DK Metcalf has been penalized for this more frequently than any other player. These infractions, which include taunting 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw and arguing with referee Allen Baynes last season, have cost the Seahawks a substantial $88,591. However, these hefty fines for bad behavior actually don’t weigh too heavily, as DK Metcalf’s fines amount to less than 0.1% of his salary every year.

Ultimately, the dirtiest player and team rankings highlight the importance of discipline and sportsmanship in the NFL, from both a financial and ethical standpoint.

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