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Das Originaltrikot der Los Angeles Kings, das nie getragen wurde – SportsLogos.Net News

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In the fall of 1967, the Los Angeles Kings stepped onto the ice for the first time. They were an expansion team as part of a major doubling of the size of the National Hockey League that season. As most of us know, the Kings wore „Forum Blue“ (purple) and gold sweaters with a single stripe around the waist and a simple crown emblem on the chest that year.

But the Kings had at least one other design in mind…

As they prepared for their inaugural NHL season, a slightly different sweater design was considered for the team. This jersey, in the same purple and gold colors as the original, featured a bold „Los Angeles Kings“ wordmark in gold cursive with a white outline on the chest. Above it was a white crown with a gold outline. A thick gold stripe ran around the waist and each arm, accompanied by two much smaller white stripes. Each sleeve had a shoulder patch with an „LA“ inside a white crown.

I know what you’re thinking – „KINGS“ in italicized font on the chest – that sounds familiar. Fast forward twenty years, stick the wordmark inside a shield in Chevrolet-like shape, change the colors to black and silver, and slap it on the front of „The Great One“, and you might really be onto something.

This prototype sweater was considered lost for almost 50 years before resurfacing in a now-deleted auction on frozenpond.com in spring 2014. The auction was part of a series of items from the private collection of former Kings coach Danny Wood.

The listing itself reveals all we know about the sweater. It was made of durable Durene fabric, a material commonly used for sports uniforms at the time, and had a white lace-up collar. A Rawlings tag inside the collar indicated it was a size 46.

„You are bidding on a very rare vintage jersey of the Los Angeles Kings,“ the Frozen Pond listing said. „The origin of this jersey is unclear, but Danny Wood believes it may be a prototype logo provided to the team by Rawlings.“

On April 3, 2014, the sweater, originally listed for $100, was sold for $1,491 (almost $2,000 in 2024).

Former Los Angeles Kings coach, Danny Wood (midlandminorhockey.ca)

Wood’s coaching career began in 1963-64 with the Kitchener Rangers of the OHA. He went on to coach various minor league teams, including the Johnstown Jets, Memphis Wings, and Pittsburgh Hornets, before being recruited by the Los Angeles Kings for their inaugural NHL season in 1967-68. In spring of 1976, Wood eventually returned to his hometown of Midland, Ontario, where he opened Olympia Sports, a sporting goods store. He ran the business for nearly 40 years, passing away a year after the sale of this sweater in summer 2015. In his honor, the Midland Minor Hockey Association holds the Danny Wood Memorial Tournament every year.

Although this design was never seen on the ice (and let’s be honest, that’s probably for the best), the Los Angeles Kings sported a purple and gold color scheme in their first twenty-one seasons, from 1967-68 to 1987-88, before switching to black and silver. After a decade in black, the team reintroduced purple as a secondary color. Purple was phased out again in 2011 but made a comeback (along with gold) for the franchise’s Reverse Retro jersey during the 2020-21 season, which combined the team’s uniform styles from 1967 and 1988. The original crown resurfaced on their next Reverse Retro design in 2022-23.

LINK: Los Angeles Kings logo and uniform history of all time

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