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Das Leben kommt schnell auf dich zu, Mama Kelce

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Leading up to this year’s Super Bowl, there were some notable storylines missing. X’s and O’s were scarcely discussed, there was little prognostication about the legacy of Patrick Mahomes, and hardly a whisper about the most famous non-football participant from last year’s Big Game: Donna Kelce.

If your two outspoken sons make it to the Super Bowl, naturally you’ll be a story. Reminiscent of the Har-Bowl in 2013, every single piece about the Kelce family was covered to the point of exhaustion, with Mama Kelce receiving much of that attention (in part because she never turns down an open mic). But I digress.

While Jason was limited to shirtless beer drinking in a KC suite after the Eagles‘ wildcard loss, Travis is this year’s half of the biggest storyline. It took two and a half paragraphs to write the name „Taylor Swift,“ which is surprising given that she dominated most of the Super Bowl coverage.

Damn, the only way Donna is even mentioned is by suggesting there may not be enough room for her in Swift’s suite.

„You can understand that boxes in Vegas cost millions of dollars, so I feel like I’m not in a box,“ Donna said on the Today Show. „I feel like I’m standing in the stands. As far as I know, I’m standing in the stands with everyone else because it’s an expensive Super Bowl.“

Don’t worry, Donna, when standing next to the world’s most famous pop star, we all quickly become „everyone else“ – even your son who is actually playing. In all seriousness, most of the questions posed to the All-Pro tight end of Kansas City in the past week were about Taylor’s whereabouts, his missed trip to the Grammys, and whether he’ll be a groupie when the Eras Tour resumes after Sunday. There’s even a possibility that one of the first three questions Travis will be asked after a potential third title in five years is whether he and Swift will take part in the Super Bowl parade.

So Mama Kelce can say she’s going to „take a step back to enjoy“ this year’s Super Bowl, but the decision wasn’t up to her. In reality, Donna was probably at the 14th minute of her fame, and any hope of another Campbell’s Soup commercial was dashed by T-Swift just as the guy tracking her private jet was. From here it’s all Ziploc bags for Donna, and hey, that’s better than most. Although I don’t think Taylor will be endorsing single-use plastics anytime soon, you’ve got to get that free money while you can. However, Mama Kelce’s outfit this off-season will not be acknowledged by the Hall of Fame, nor will she receive free cutaways from the CBS crews on Sunday.

No, all the excess camera time must be dedicated to the suite. You know, the one Donna Kelce isn’t in.

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