Home Sport Das Bild des riesigen neuen Defensivkoordinators der Eagles geht viral

Das Bild des riesigen neuen Defensivkoordinators der Eagles geht viral

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If you’re on NFL Xwitter, you may have been startled on Monday by an image on your timeline. It’s not often that I’m scrolling on my phone and suddenly a pair of shoulders stretches across the entire screen. It wasn’t a painting or an AI-created image. It was a picture of real football coach Clint Hurtt, the new defensive coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

The AI prompt „Defensive coach, bald, tattoo“ might return a similar image, but this is a real person. Unfortunately for this very football-looking man, he had some problems as the Seattle Seahawks‘ defensive coordinator for the past two seasons.

On this side of the ball, the front office has invested a lot of draft capital in recent years. In the two seasons he led the Seahawks‘ defense, the unit was not convincing. I hesitate to blame a man who looks like a fully equipped shed, but the Seahawks allowed 30 or more points six times in the 2023 season. According to DVOA, they had the fifth-worst defense in the NFL.

This stint in Seattle was Hurtt’s first time as a defensive coordinator. Young players, a first-time coordinator, aging head coach – maybe it was a recipe that came out of the oven and tasted weird. We live and learn, but a man who looks like Hurtt should be employed in the NFL until he decides to stay home forever – in a house that must have some of the widest doors ever built.

Obviously, the RedZone production team didn’t focus enough on Hurtt this season, because the football media had to pause and stare at the image that consumed their smartphones. In a profession revolving around discussing and/or writing about some of the biggest people in the world, these professionals had to take a minute to acknowledge the immense significance of the Eagles‘ new defensive coach. This includes people who have actually gotten their hands dirty.

I’m not sure anyone has ever looked so physically imposing in a social media photo. And obviously, many people agree with me, because this image landed on my timeline multiple times on Monday.

Regardless of how things turned out for him as a defensive coordinator in Seattle, Hurtt looks like football. As long as he can walk around on a practice field, those shoulders should fundamentally have a place in the NFL.

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