Home Sport Das AFC Championship Game wird besonders „Quarterbacky“ sein

Das AFC Championship Game wird besonders „Quarterbacky“ sein

von NFI Redaktion

If you are truly remorseful, your apology is usually louder than your initial disrespect. That’s why the haters of Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes have been so silent lately.

This coming Sunday, the two best quarterbacks in the world will face off, vying for the chance to play in the Usher’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas. If the Ravens win, it would be Jackson’s first. If the Chiefs are victorious, it would be Mahomes‘ fourth. But regardless of who prevails, both men have done more than enough to make Monse Bolaños, Bill Polian, and any random defensive coordinator look dumber than they already are.

„I want my quarterbacks to be quarterbacks,“ Bolaños of FOX Sports said in December about Jackson. „And to me, Lamar Jackson is just a great athlete, he did really good and had a great game against the 49ers. Products of the moment, he is not the MVP. Christian McCaffrey is the MVP, and he was. I’ve been saying that for weeks.“

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