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Darvin Ham könnte der Sündenbock für die Probleme der Lakers sein

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The Los Angeles Lakers are in the midst of a crisis, and it seems that the team’s problems can be attributed to Darvin Ham.

The athlete described a „deepening disconnect“ between the head coach and the players. According to six anonymous sources, the problem is attributed to Ham’s extreme rotation of the lineup and adjustments to the starting lineups, resulting in a lack of chemistry and rhythm among several different players.

Despite winning the first in-season tournament, the Lakers are 2-8 in their last 10 games and 3-9 since their victory over Indiana on December 9th.

Following LA’s 110-96 loss to Miami, the situation was so bad that LeBron James left before the media could speak with him. Austin Reaves called the team’s mood „sh*tty.“

„We’re losing,“ he said after the game. „Every time you lose, the mood should be sh*tty.“

Reaves blamed the Lakers‘ poor three-point shooting against the Heat for the loss.

„If we play like tonight, it’s going to end really badly for us,“ added Anthony Davis, who scored 29 points and 17 rebounds.

Ham cited injuries as the cause of the problems in LA.

If Los Angeles decides to part ways with Ham, it wouldn’t be a complete shock. The Lakers, and LeBron-led teams in general, are no strangers to changing head coaches. Ham is the seventh head coach of the franchise since 2011, when Phil Jackson retired. According to Basketball Reference, only two coaches—Frank Vogel and Luke Walton—lasted more than two seasons. Both were fired after three.

The same goes for the teams LeBron has been a part of during his career. The four-time MVP has played under 11 different head coaches in his 21-year career. Beyond his tenure with the Lakers, James has only played under two head coaches for more than two seasons. Erik Spoelstra coached the Heatles throughout all four years LeBron was there, and he remains the head coach of the Miami Heat. Mike Brown closed out James‘ Cleveland stints, coaching him for four years before he went to Miami, as well as in the first year of his return to the Cavaliers.

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