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College Football Playoff Board stimmt über 5+7-Nachsaisonmodell ab

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The College Football Playoffs are finally opening up the potential for expansion. The College Football Playoffs Board will vote on a new model for a 12-team playoff involving the five highest-ranked conference champions and the next seven highest-ranked teams.

This „5+7 model“ is one of the fairer positions for expansion in a constantly changing college football landscape. This is particularly relevant for a now decimated Pac-12, where a total of 10 teams departed to other conferences, leaving only two teams – Washington State and Oregon State – remaining in the conference. According to Kirk Schulz, the president of the state of Washington and Pac-12 representative on the CFP Board, they could unanimously approve the reformation.

\“I believe there’s a sense of, ‚We’ve listened to what you wanted, the legal matters were largely settled within the Pac-12 conference.‘ \“It’s time to move forward,\“ Schulz said to ESPN. Previously, he called for delays in voting on future format changes until Pac-12 was sure „what it wanted for the future.“

These requests have reportedly manifested in continued CFP revenue participations, demanding the 5-6 million dollars owed to Power-5 institutions and „voting rights equal to the lowest pro rata share per school in the distribution of the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, or SEC conference“ regardless of how these four conferences actually distribute the CFP distributions to their members, according to ESPN. However, Schulz views these demands as a separate conversation and advocates for the 5+7 model.

The proposal would also be considered „null and void“ if Pac-12 dissolves, WSU and OSU join one of the aforementioned conferences, or the right is waived. Washington State and Oregon State do not have automatic bids as conference champions in the next two seasons; the Pac-12 has made a temporary scheduling agreement with Mountain West to fill out the schedules of both schools.

More is at stake in this CFP vote than just the revenue share of the Pac-12. ESPN reported that the College Football Playoffs and ESPN have agreed to a six-year, $7.8 billion contract extension to be the central provider of the format until the 2031/32 season. However, this deal reportedly depends on the completion of the expanded playoffs, and the multi-billion dollar deal will only be ratified upon approval of the CFP’s new 12-team format.

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