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College-Football-Bowl-Spielereien sind in vollem Gange

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One great thing about bowl season is that fans can watch games they may not have seen much during the regular season. With 86 teams participating in 43 matchups and little else to do but immerse themselves in football, it seems like a good time for a little peer review. On Thursday, Miami fans were weighing the cost of hiring Mario Cristobal, Brent Venables reminded us that he hates offense – even his own – and some starting caliber quarterbacks gave us a taste of what’s to come next season.

Rutgers secures first-ever win against the U

Former Big East rivals Miami and Rutgers met at the Pinstripe Bowl in Yankee Stadium for a messy affair. The Hurricanes were without quarterbacks Tyler Van Dyke and Emory Williams, leading to Jacurri Brown’s first season start. Miami scored 17 unanswered points after an early 14-point deficit, but ultimately lost control and Rutgers secured its first victory against Miami in twelve attempts.

On the other side, UM head coach Mario Cristobal is sitting at 12-13 in the first two seasons of his $80 million 10-year contract.

Brent Venables ready to ruin another quarterback

Freshman QB Jackson Arnold got the nod for Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl, but struggled, resulting in a 38-24 loss to Arizona. Arizona’s quarterback Noah Fifita led his team to a 25-point comeback with a pick-six, solidifying a 7-2 record since his appointment.

Looking ahead to next year, keep an eye on young gunslingers Thomas Castellanos from Boston College and Avery Johnson from Kansas State. Both are standout performers who could make a big impact next season.

And now, the true meaning of bowl season

Introducing our new lord and savior: the edible Pop-Tart mascot. The real winners of bowl season are, as always, the commercial sponsors.

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