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Coastal Plain League fügt Greenville Yard Gnomes hinzu – SportsLogos.Net News

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The buried treasures scattered throughout Greenville, North Carolina just got a lot safer with the inclusion of the city’s newest Coastal Plain League team, the College Wood Bat Greenville Yard Gnomes. With a nickname deeply rooted in the city’s past and present, the Yard Gnomes emerged victorious in a team-naming contest, beating out four other finalists: Ballhogs, Booty, Scallywags, and Peglegs.

The team announced the reveal with a video that began with the legend, „In the land of pirates… the treasure must be guarded.“ According to the team’s statement, gnomes are known for guarding treasures, and Greenville has many, being home to the East Carolina University Pirates, renowned for their hidden treasures.

Technically, the nickname Yard Gnomes was not among the finalists in the team-naming contest – it was actually Garden Gnomes. However, the team ultimately decided to go with the Yard Gnomes as opposed to the garden variant of the tiny magical humanoids, as baseball is played in a yard, not a garden.

The Yard Gnomes will be wearing green jerseys, a nod to an earlier incarnation of a Greenville team in the Coastal Plain League, the Class D Greenville Greenies, circa 1937–1941.

The 18-team Coastal Plain League kicks off on May 23, with the Yard Gnomes facing the Tri-City Chili Peppers.

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