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Butthurt Aaron Rodgers behauptet Jimmy Kimmel im Epstein-Reisetagebuch

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Aaron Rodgers should work on his sense of humor. He will never be sharp-witted enough to compete with Jimmy Kimmel, but that is not expected of him. What would benefit Rodgers is learning that slanderous statements and verbal comebacks are not the same.

Kimmel mocked Rodgers because the injured quarterback engaged with COVID-19 and the medical profession in general. Dr. Miles Birchbark was a character from a sketch. This person is not a real boy, he is a character played by comedian Frank Caeti. The aim of Jimmy Kimmel Live! sketch was to mock Aaron.

It was an exaggeration of his medical theories that were so ridiculous that he said on the Pat McAfee Show in 2021, when presenting his independent research on COVID-19 and the vaccine, that „I think they thought I was a quack.“ Rodgers said this on a national platform. It is free for entertainers to mock him, especially when he uses the derogatory term „quack“ to describe how he believes he obtained his information. Responding to jokes about Rodgers‘ self-described vaccination by comparing someone to a convicted sex offender is not creative freedom. That is slander.

Jeffrey Epstein is dead. The registered sex offender was found unresponsive in a jail cell after being arrested for similar charges for the second time in 2019. He pleaded guilty in 2008 to one count of solicitation of prostitution and another count of solicitation of prostitution of a minor. After his death, no conclusion could be drawn from the most recent case, but his longtime partner Ghislaine Maxwell is currently serving a 20-year sentence for aiding minors in sex trafficking.

In late 2023, a federal judge ordered that a civil lawsuit against Maxwell be dismissed after January 1, 2024, which includes over 100 names of individuals associated with her and Epstein. Rodgers brought up this lawsuit on his last Tuesday with McAfee, saying: „A lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, really hope that doesn’t come out.“ Kimmel responded on Twitter with the threat to take Rodgers to court if he continues to make such statements.

Rodgers did not joke, tease, or mock Kimmel. He associated the comedian’s name with crimes related to inappropriate sexual interactions with minors. That is not a joke, Aaron.

Dr. Birchbark was a joke that came from a writer’s room, was legalized, and was brought out to illustrate the opinion that Rodgers believed his employer already had about him. Kimmel made another joke when Rodgers mentioned the Epstein list, when he denied the release date was imminent. However, he did not in any way connect Aaron Rodgers‘ name with this registered sex offender. Kimmel simply continued to point out rather quack-like behavior.

He mocked, though in a more entertaining way than most non-comedians. What Rodgers said about Kimmel is defamatory. No one needs a refined sense of humor to know that it is taboo to baselessly associate someone with a crime.

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