Home Sport Bowler Novak wurde mitten im Turnier verhaftet und wegen Kinderpornos angeklagt

Bowler Novak wurde mitten im Turnier verhaftet und wegen Kinderpornos angeklagt

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Brandon Novak

Brandon Novak
Foto: AP

Brandon Novak, a professional bowler reportedly arrested by US Marshalls in the middle of a tournament, is facing charges of child pornography.

Novak, 35, was extradited from Indiana to his home state of Ohio, facing 15 charges including ten counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity material and five counts of soliciting sexually oriented material involving a minor Prison record.

He was arrested during the US Open 2024 at Royal Pin Woodland in Indianapolis in the middle of a frame. Novak was not shown on camera, but there are clips from the broadcast showing several other bowlers witnessing the arrest.

Practically nothing to see, but here’s when Brandon Novak was arrested at the US Open 2024

According to a report received by Columbus Dispatch, Chillicothe (Ohio) police received a tip about Novak in February of last year after his Facebook profile was linked to sexual child abuse. In interviews with the police, Novak allegedly initially bought pornography from someone on Snapchat, not knowing it contained child pornography. Novak later admitted to knowingly purchasing child pornography and attempting to cover it up.

CNN reports that he currently has no listed attorney and is expected to appear for a preliminary hearing in court on March 2.

Novak has been a professional bowler for over a decade. He placed 36th at the US Open (even with withdrawal) and won a prize of $1,500. He has reportedly won two tournaments in his career CBS News.

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