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Bitte verherrlichen Sie nicht die Spielsucht von Mattress Mack

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The coverage of Mattress Mack McIngvale’s gambling addiction is akin to reporting on competitive e-cigarette competitions, where Gen Zers try to see who can destroy the biggest cloud or the largest contracted lymphoma the fastest. There may be a human aspect to it, but it also glorifies sports betting to a repugnant extent. While people may click on a story about a cocaine user trying to snort the biggest alligator tail ever recorded, it hardly seems responsible and certainly unethical.

The Houston-based furniture entrepreneur (or should we say monopolist?) made a you guessed it: a $1 million bet on Houston winning the NCAA Men’s Tournament. It’s not even an interesting or savvy bet. It’s a man whose business success has allowed his vice to spread unchecked, now seeking publicity by seeing how much he can lose at once.

McIngvale lost $5 million betting on the Bengals‘ Moneyline in Super Bowl LVI, a record for the largest bet ever placed at a regulated sportsbook in America, and I am speechless. We often hear about Floyd Mayweather or Drake placing absurd amounts of money, not because they are particularly good gamblers, but because they are famous.

Returning to my drug analogy: Charlie Sheen’s ‚Winning‘ moment on The Dan Patrick Show, clearly in the midst of a relapse, was funny at first, then just sad. Similarly, famous personalities indulging irresponsibly in addiction—drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, sex—grab attention and clicks.

The difference between gambling and drugs and alcohol is that the former has less impact on the rich and famous. Will Drake be showing up too much at the boats for Metamucil in his 70s after a loss? One can only hope, but more likely, he’ll retain his fame through a residency in Las Vegas with plenty of money to throw back at MGM. It’s hard to feel remorse when engaging in something sensationalist that likely won’t kill the subject.

Phil Mickelson could talk at length about the downsides of his gambling issues because the Saudis funded his retirement. When an everyday addict loses irreplaceable amounts of money, work, personal life, and social life can be affected and/or destroyed. Good for Lefty for not losing his third home, but his story is far from a cautionary tale.

There are countless degenerates who aim for a one percent margin of error. However, that’s not reality because if it were, the word ‚moderation‘ wouldn’t exist. Everyone would be hedonists and there would be no consequences. The only advantage of this multiverse is that we’d all be too drunk to care about celebrities and their bets.

If Mattress Mack or Drake or Money Mayweather were some tipsters handing out betting advice like Jimmy the Greek, that would be one thing. As far as I can tell, the only reason these stories leak is that egomaniacs want to show off their excesses and news agencies desperately seek any kind of engagement.

Supposedly journalistic media act truly recklessly in their coverage of gambling post-legalization, as if stating a disclaimer absolves a podcaster of everything said afterwards. It’s like insulting someone after prefacing it with ’no offense‘. That’s not how it works. None of this is how it works.

So do me a favor: If you want to write about Mattress Mack’s sports betting habits, don’t label him as a famous gambler. Call him what he is: a degenerate.

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