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Bills Mafia lacht über frostige Chiefs-Fans

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Bild für den Artikel mit dem Titel „Bills Mafia“, der auf Kosten der erfrorenen Chiefs-Fans definitiv viel lacht

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It’s a good thing Kansas City is hitting the road this weekend, because I’m not sure their fans have thawed yet. Reportedly 69 people were treated by the fire department during Saturday’s wild-card win, and half showed signs of hypothermia. Fifteen people were taken to the hospital, three fans were treated for frostbite. Although temperatures in KC are expected to be 40 degrees warmer on Sunday, they’re still likely to hover around freezing.

You could spot the human popsicle candidates during NBC’s live pregame, and any parents who brought a child under five into the stadium before kickoff should report for child neglect. I’m not sure where the man’s shirtless 30-year-old enthusiasts were, but rest assured it was incredibly embarrassing when Chad showed up on the local watch party screen.

Half-frozen fans were expected to encounter -29-degree wind chills, but I’d like to remind you that Bills Mafia seems to suffer under snow up to their nostrils in every playoff game and these freaks don’t spend half the game in a warming tent. For the next 48 hours, 19 inches of lake-effect snow is forecasted in Orchard Park, less than four days after the Bills asked people to bring their own shovels to dig out their seats on Monday.

It doesn’t look like Sunday’s Divisional Round game at 6:30 a.m. local time is threatened by a weather-related delay, which is a good thing because Highmark Stadium is expected to be well prepared for the Chiefs-Bills III: It’s personal this time.

And one more thing you won’t see at Bills fans: Josh Allen’s supposed girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld, a.k.a Spider-Gwen, a.k.a. Hawkeye, isn’t walking down the tunnel in Parka No. 17. Want to be on the fits, Taylor? Strut on one of the millions of runways you have available.

So for any actresses out there willing to become an artist and remain a star, and not have to worry about only being seen in music videos, everything is on the table, dancing… come to Death Row! Uhm, Buffalo.

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