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Bill Belichick könnte den Rat von Tom Brady sicher gebrauchen

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The path back to victory for Bill Belichick is as simple as parroting Tom Brady’s quest for a competitive roster after his departure from the New England Patriots. At 42, like Brady, the 71-year-old Belichick does not have many of his best years ahead of him, which is why the QB set his sights on Tampa Bay.

The Bucs had Mike Evans and Chris Godwin as wide receivers, had enough resources and internal talent to bolster the defense, and played in the NFC South. With Drew Brees on his way out, the division belonged to Brady as long as he was standing. It was a business decision that was on par with all of LeBron James‘ free agency moves.

Perhaps it’s the NFC South that motivates Belichick to conduct multiple interviews with the Atlanta Falcons, but jumping from a franchise without a QB to another would be sheer hubris. While Belichick may be aiming for the all-time coaching wins record, being 26 wins away from it and with a pace of four wins in the last season, it would take him seven more years to achieve it.

Do you think a highly decorated coach like Belichick would want to spend his final station working out eight and nine win seasons for a team that churns out mediocrity? The man may like to portray himself as free from ego and vanity, but he wears a typical hoodie every Sunday. Change your wardrobe personally if you’re not seeking at least a little attention.

The hook is, there’s not enough time left to draft and develop another quarterback. This is a win-now scenario, and if the most successful team stacker of all time, LeBron, has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t wait for Andrew Wiggins to go broke. You trade him for Kevin Love and hope fate suspends Draymond Green for Game 5.

I know Belichick spent a good portion of his time in Foxborough actively downplaying Brady’s significance, but a guy who watched his quarterback lead poorly-equipped offenses to six rings and numerous playoff wins should know that defense and a great signal-caller are what win titles in this era. Unless Belichick has a Kyle Shanahan-style offensive plan hidden in his other sweatshirt, there’s no reason to trust him when it comes to scoring points.

The organization with an open head coaching position closest to a franchise quarterback is the Los Angeles Chargers. Belichick’s list of potential next jobs should begin and end here. Taking a year off is preferable to the Falcons, Raiders, Titans, or any of these other QB-less targets. Unlike Brady’s advertising, Belichick can be relatively patient, but he can’t force himself onto a roster.

After three more seasons of nine wins, Belichick will be at the top of the coaching mountain. Another title, and he can rub it in Robert Kraft’s face while pretending not to care about tying Brady for the Super Bowl rings. But definitely give another young QB an inferiority complex on the way to four wins and more questions about a pretty flawless coaching resume.

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