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Bill Belichick in Atlanta wäre absolut großartig

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Bless the Atlanta Falcons‚ hearts: they’re shooting their shot. There are reports from national and local insiders in Atlanta that the Dirty Birds want Bill Belichick as their next head coach. On Wednesday, Dan Graziano and Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported that the Falcons have expressed strong interest in Belichick if he were to part ways with the New England Patriots.

On Thursday, after Belichick and the Patriots officially part ways, D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that team owner Arthur Blank wants Belichick. ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported on Thursday that the Falcons could be seeking the head coach of the six-time Super Bowl champion this offseason.

Hey, Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. If the Falcons are serious about changing the fortunes of this perennially disappointing franchise, why not go for one of the greatest coaches in sports history? However, according to Ledbetter’s source, Belichick is not interested in the job.

That makes sense to anyone who has ever seen the Falcons play. Even Belichick’s winning aura may not be enough to shake the franchise from its cursed juju. Their collapse in the NFC South race this season—against less formidable opponents—was just the latest example of a franchise slipping on a banana peel.

However, if Belichick were to take the job in Atlanta, what a glorious thing that could be. Picture him in the lemon-pepper wing capital of the world. Across the street from the stadium is a JR Crickets establishment. I’d personally take him there and then lead him to the lesser-known gems.

A welcome party could be thrown at Blue Flame. Big KRIT even titled a song about a ballet after the place. I’m sure the talent there would give Belichick a show he won’t soon forget.

If he leaves Foxborough, he should start over completely. No more drives on the Boston-Providence highway. Head over to Northside Drive instead. Is the Colin Kaepernick mural still there? If so, Belichick could stop by and get a brief lesson on the enduring impact of nonviolent protest in the new millennium.

I’m telling you, Bill, Atlanta is a fun city. You can get a nice refresh with a new haircut and look 10 years younger. There’s also the opportunity to reintroduce yourself to the great American machine known as Chevrolet. Nowadays, you’re probably driving a foreign car, but General Motors could draw you back in when you see their vehicles like you’ve never seen them before on the streets around the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Car and Bike Show weekend is a blast.

There are plenty of reasons why Belichick may not be interested in the Falcons job. Actually, they should be looking for an offensive-minded head coach—or at least one who doesn’t bring along his rejuvenated team from an offense that sputtered during Tom Brady’s last season with the Patriots.

Then again, the old coach may just need a change of scenery to change his ways. If introduced to it, he might realize how rewarding it can be to adopt a new way of life. Sometimes, something different is needed to breathe new life into things. And there’s certainly no place better than Atlanta for Belichick to coach, other than New England.

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