Home Medizin BGI Genomics erweitert das pränatale Testkit NIFTY um die DNBSEQ-G99-Plattform für schnellere und genaue Ergebnisse

BGI Genomics erweitert das pränatale Testkit NIFTY um die DNBSEQ-G99-Plattform für schnellere und genaue Ergebnisse

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BGI Europe A/S, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BGI Genomics, announced an expansion of its NIFTY® Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing Kit and software (CE-IVDD Class B List) within its existing CE-IVDD certification to include the DNBSEQ-G99 model, meeting the European Union regulations for medical devices.

In January 2024, BGI Genomics introduced the NIFTY® ultra-rapid, non-invasive prenatal genetic testing product utilizing the innovative DNBSEQ-G99 platform, designed for both low and mid-throughput, ensuring superior testing performance and quality. It enables clinical laboratories to deliver faster and more accurate prenatal genetic test results, crucial for timely genetic counseling and further prenatal diagnosis, enhancing prenatal care possibilities.

Key Features of the DNBSEQ-G99 Platform:

Speed: The DNBSEQ-G99 platform drastically reduces sequencing time to just 3 hours, with the entire process from sample collection to reporting taking only 14 hours, significantly shortening the anxious wait for expecting families.

Flexibility: It allows processing of different sample sizes in a single run, accommodating at least 12 samples, minimizing reagent waste and reducing costs.

Versatility: The platform supports various sequencing modes and is suitable for a range of tests, including pre-embryo transfer chromosomal testing and carrier screening for monogenic diseases.

Simplicity: Equipped with a cassette flow cell and innovative pre-loaded reagents, the DNBSEQ-G99 simplifies the sequencing process, making it user-friendly for operators.

BGI Genomics has been a pioneer in non-invasive prenatal genetic testing since 2010. NIFTY® has obtained medical device qualifications in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, and Thailand. BGI Genomics continues to enhance its prenatal and neonatal testing, contributing to better public health systems and outcomes.

Driven by the vision of „Omics for All,“ BGI Genomics is dedicated to advancing genetic testing technologies to promote global precision medicine and improve lives.

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