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Bewertung ästhetischer Bedenken bei hispanischen, lateinamerikanischen Frauen

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The results of a study involving almost 4000 women show that Hispanic/Latin American women are more concerned about submental fat and hollows under the eyes in comparison to their white counterparts when it comes to aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Sabrina Fabi, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in San Diego, California, presented the study results at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) annual meeting, highlighting the need for more targeted marketing materials to address the aesthetic needs of the second-largest ethnic group in the United States.

According to Dr. Fabi, current studies on facial and body aesthetics are limited in their representation. To address this gap, she and her colleagues conducted a large multicenter study to understand the specific cosmetic concerns that arise among women of Hispanic/Latin American descent from various ethnic groups and how these concerns may vary with age.

The study involved an online survey of aesthetically interested adults from different demographic groups in the United States. Participants were asked about 41 facial and 31 body attributes, identifying the ones they found most bothersome. The results showed that the most common facial problems among Hispanic/Latin American women were related to submental fat (36%) and hollowing under the eyes (35%), in contrast to their white counterparts who were more concerned about wrinkles. The study also revealed that persistent fat in the abdomen (50%), sides (44%), and back/bra area (40%) were the most common body issues among Hispanic/Latin American women.

Despite concerns about persistent body fat being consistent across all age groups, facial concerns shifted from skin quality (50%) and under eye issues (43%) in younger generations to upper facial wrinkles (52%) and sagging cheeks/skin (57%) in older generations.

The study, sponsored by Allergan Aesthetics, shed light on specific needs of Hispanic/Latin American patients, indicating the importance of tailoring treatment plans to better serve this population. Dr. Fabi emphasized that approximately 30% of her patient population is Hispanic/Latin American, and the results of the study align with what she sees in her practice, reinforcing the need for more targeted discussions with these patients.

The article originally appeared on MDedge.com, a part of the Medscape Professional Network.

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