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Bei den Los Angeles Kings beginnt es zu jucken

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Usually, it’s not a good sign when A) the head coach gets asked if his job is at risk, and B) the coach doesn’t have a problem with being asked. This is the case with Los Angeles Kings and their coach Todd McClellan, after they lost or tied their 12th game out of 14 against the Buffalo Sabres last night (2-7-5 in this stretch).

The loss on Wednesday night was particularly concerning, considering the Sabres have mostly performed poorly this season. The only way a good team could lose to the Sabres is if they fail to handle the Buffalo’s young offensive talent gracefully. The Kings squandered a 3-1 lead. Have the Kings failed to handle even this modest task?

Sabres @ Kings 1/24 | NHL Highlights 2024

The Kings‘ defensive blunders have led to concerns about what the coach would do in this situation. Excessive turnovers in the offensive zone, allowing too much space on the blue line, and inexplicable turnovers in the defensive zone have all been prevalent in the last month for the Kings.

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