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Auch NBA-Trainer sollten an All-Star-Feierlichkeiten teilnehmen

von NFI Redaktion

It is understandable to expect the NBA to require a buy-in from their stars. However, coaches are rarely part of the All-Star festivities, except for the coaches of the Eastern and Western Conference. All of them, except gym coach Tom Thibodeau, are on vacation, recuperating from the daily grind of an 82-game season. While the All-Stars would rather take a break, if the league wants to encourage their most marketable stars to participate, their bosses should lead by example.

The 3-point competition is the ideal event for the smartest players in the NBA to participate. A feature released on Tuesday on ESPN highlighted the active coaches who can still make it. Jahmal Moseley is the best coach that no one really notices outside of Orlando. Despite ending his career with the Seoul Samsung Tigers in 2005, he seems to still be able to perform at the age of 45, but that’s like a 5’11“ guy hitting 3s under 50.

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