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ARCHA an der Aston University sichert sich 400.000 £, um vier Doktoranden für die Demenzforschung zu rekrutieren

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The Aston Research Centre for Health in Aging (ARCHA), located at Aston University, has been awarded £400,000 in funding to recruit four doctoral students for a dementia research program.

Four students will join the Aston Brain Health Cohort Study (ABaHCoS), where tests for early detection of dementia are being researched before symptoms arise. Two of the students will be funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust, and two will be funded by the College of Health and Life Sciences at Aston University. Recruitment will begin in January 2024, with the doctoral students expected to start in October 2024.

The students will work on developing simple tests that can be performed as part of a vision test, hearing test, general check-up at the doctor’s office, or even at home. These methods involve psychology, neuroscience, biology, and medicine, providing a diverse approach to dementia detection.

New treatment options are available for dementia, but they are most effective when applied early to slow the progression of the disease. By detecting the disease before symptoms arise, individuals can make beneficial lifestyle changes, while healthcare providers can identify individuals for follow-up and treatment.

The ABaHCoS project will be located within ARCHA, whose mission is to understand, predict, prevent, and treat age-related degeneration and diseases. The center focuses specifically on health, metabolism, mind, and medications in the context of biology, psychology, and clinical aspects of aging. The interdisciplinary research team specializes in biology, psychology, medicine, pharmacy, and related health sciences.

„The fact that a group of four students will be simultaneously exploring different aspects of dementia diagnosis makes this multidisciplinary project truly exciting. The students and their supervisors will work together as a team, exchange ideas, and create new avenues for research.“

– Professor Andrew Schofield, Director of ARCHA

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