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Alexander Zverev wurde trotz Missbrauchsvorwurfs in den Spielerrat gewählt

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Ignoring or being oblivious to the situation of a specific player or individual in a sports setting is one thing. It’s quite another when they are aware and simply don’t care. This is the case with this week’s announcement that ATP Tour players have elected Alexander Zverev to their player council. The player council is the counterpart to those who run the ATP Tour, the group that addresses players‘ interests and speaks with officials about changes the players would like to see.

Zverev is facing domestic violence charges in Germany, where he has already been fined 450,000 euros and faced a potential criminal prosecution, against which he has filed an appeal. Zverev denies the accusations by Brenda Patea, the mother of his daughter. This was the second time an ex-partner accused Zverev of domestic violence. In 2021, former girlfriend Olya Sharypova accused Zverev of repeated abuse, although she did not file a report but shared her story online. Zverev also denied these allegations, and the ATP Tour found no sufficient evidence to impose sanctions against him.

The fact is that the ATP does not have an official policy on domestic violence, which is quite uncomfortable from this perspective. The situation is worsened by the upcoming second season of „Hold Point“ this week, with Zverev getting his own episode. Will any of these allegations or controversies be mentioned? Of course not. Instead, the focus is on his return from a severe ankle injury and his rivalry with Danil Medvedev, whom Zverev does not hesitate to talk nonsense about.

But if you were the suspicious type, you might take this information that Medvedev’s wife is close friends with Sharypova as the reason for Zverev’s animosity toward him. His uncomfortable references to Medvedev and his wife in public certainly do not help dispel that notion.

All of this happens as professional tennis could be completely reformed with the merging of the men’s and women’s tours. Will Zverev be a key figure in a combined tour? At the moment, there’s hardly a chance that Zverev’s fellow players would be unaware of the repeated abuse accusations against him. It’s possible they are simply turning a blind eye, as professional tennis players live in a very unique bubble. But given the way Andy Murray and others pushed the ATP to launch an investigation, it was obviously not a secret in the locker room. And they still accepted Zverev into their council, which speaks volumes.

So yes, here’s your award for rudeness, ATP Tour players.

Torts Brings Out the Blowtorch

Now let’s see how John Tortorella completely torches a member of the Flyers media:

… (additional content truncated for brevity)

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