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AHLs Thunderbirds bringen „Simpsons“-Werbeaktionen und Trikots zurück – SportsLogos.Net News

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The Springfield Thunderbirds of the American Hockey League are paying a longstanding tribute to The Simpsons, complete with excellent new jerseys.

On Saturday, February 10, the Thunderbirds will once again be renamed the Springfield Ice-O-Topes for their game against the reigning Calder Cup champion Hershey Bears. The team has been playing into the fact that their city shares the same name as the city where the fictional family lives since 2020. (The Thunderbirds are based in Massachusetts, in case you were wondering.)

This year’s jerseys are neon green and feature a Simpsonized version of the Thunderbirds‘ primary logo on the front, complete with three eyes (thanks to contamination from Mr. Burns‘ nuclear power plant), a navy blue lightning bolt, and a delicate Homer-style hairdo on the top and side of his head.

The jerseys have a navy blue collar and side panels, as well as narrow navy blue and white striping at the hem and cuffs. The sleeves transition from neon green to navy blue, with a navy blue and neon green Ice-O-Topes patch adorning each shoulder.

Courtesy of @ThunderbirdsAHL / Twitter

Based on graphics posted on the Thunderbirds‘ social media accounts, the numbers on the sleeves and back, as well as the captain and assistant captain „C“ and „A,“ appear to be set in white with navy blue outlines and in the iconic Simpsons font.

The jersey is paired with navy blue pants and gloves. The socks are neon green with white and navy blue striping around the shins.

This is the fourth installment of Ice-O-Topes Night for the Thunderbirds. Here’s a look at previous Simpsons jerseys:

Courtesy of NHL.com and Springfield Thunderbirds Team Store

With the unveiling of Springfield, it’s possible that the „A“ in AHL could stand for „Animation.“ Last week, the Providence Bruins unveiled jerseys in the style of Family Guy that they will be wearing as part of Rhode Island Comic Con Weekend on February 16 and 18.

The jerseys feature a rooster on the front in the style of the chicken that Peter Griffin has fought multiple times in the show, and a shoulder patch featuring a bear head in the style of Stewie Griffin’s loyal teddy bear, Rupert.

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