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Discovering affordable beauty products that perform well is the focus of my beauty research. I test everything from expensive facial creams to budget-friendly brow gels and compile a list of top bargain beauty finds. Once I have five on the list, I create a video to share these great discoveries. Time constraints sometimes delay the video production, but amazing new products keep coming, offering effective skincare and luxurious makeup at very affordable prices. Often, these products are also on sale.

Here’s what you’ll find in this video: a lipstick much cheaper than the one I purchased from Gucci, a great new shampoo for those prone to dandruff, and three more fantastic beauty purchases. It’s a great mix of affordable goodness!

Revlon „Pink in the Afternoon“ Lipstick – £7.99 at Amazon Shop Here

Following the Gucci lipstick experiment, I searched for the most beautiful pink lipsticks in stores. Revlon’s Pink in the Afternoon is a fantastic find. It’s very similar to Gucci’s Kimberley Rose, but more wearable and less overbearing. The slightly shimmery finish transitions to a powdery pink over time. I love it. And at only £7.99, it’s a much tastier alternative to the Gucci version.

Sali Hughes Placid 5 Acid Daily Peeling – currently £9.80 at LookFantastic Shop Here

I’ve always had a preference for acid peels for radiant skin, and the 5 Acid Daily Exfoliant by Sali covers both glow and clarity while being incredibly gentle. Perfect for daily use, especially if you’ve been hesitant to incorporate a peel into your skincare routine.

L’Oréal Revitalift Clinical SPF50 – currently £10 instead of £19.99 at Sainsburys Shop Here

This L’Oréal sunscreen for the face offers high protection with a lightweight, refined feel. It’s great for oily skin, but dry skin may need an additional moisturizer underneath.

Mitchum Cedarwood Deodorant Stick – currently £4.04 Shop Here

Mitchum’s new deodorant stick has a delightful cedarwood scent and provides long-lasting protection without feeling messy upon application.

Head & Shoulders Bare Shampoo – currently £6.66 at Boots Shop Here

This new shampoo from Head & Shoulders looks and feels high-quality, and it’s effective in combating dandruff while leaving hair feeling soft and luxurious. It’s a great bargain, especially at the current price.

Watch the video to hear more about these fantastic beauty finds!

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