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3 Frauen mit Ekzemen beschreiben, wie sie nächtliche Schübe bekämpfen

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If you suffer from eczema, you know the frustrating struggle of getting some ZZZs. The problem is both physical and emotional. „When my eczema flares up, the night is often filled with anxiety,“ says Nicola Johnston, a digital content creator living in Carlisle, England, near the border with Scotland. „I’ve experienced nights with such severe pain that I couldn’t sleep, and I’ve scratched so much that my sheets were covered in blood. That’s why I’ve worked on establishing a good bedtime routine that allows me to have a restful night’s sleep and the peace my body needs.“

Johnston, Findley, and Loubatières have shared their tips on preparing for bedtime, ensuring comfort, managing symptoms, and resetting your feelings in the morning. Findley emphasizes consistency in her bedtime routine, setting intentions to sleep better, cleansing and moisturizing her skin, drinking herbal tea, journaling, reading, expressing gratitude, and going to bed at 10 pm.

Johnston focuses on comfort, starting with a soothing warm bath, applying a moisturizer that binds moisture and slowly absorbs overnight, wearing lightweight satin nightwear, using a silk pillowcase, and opting for an acrylic-gel manicure to prevent damage from scratching at night.

Loubatières carefully prepares her skin, takes prescribed antihistamines to prevent itching, applies moisturizers generously before bedtime, uses natural, clean laundry detergents, and uses Calendula and comfrey-based ointments with shea butter to relieve itching and dry skin.

Findley recommends natural and clean products for laundry, such as Tru Earth detergent, and uses a Calendula and comfrey-based ointment with shea butter for relief. She practices simple breathing exercises to calm her body when feeling itchy.

To avoid scratching, Loubatières uses a standalone fan to stay cool, cotton or silk bed sheets and nightwear to avoid irritation, Eczema gloves, and safe scratchers for relief. Engaging in a hobby can be a distraction during a flare-up or when feeling sleepy at night.

After successfully managing her nighttime eczema flares, Findley focused on improving her diet, reducing stress and anxiety through meditation, journaling, and sleep hygiene. She transitioned to a plant-based diet, avoiding dairy, and drinking plenty of water, which has improved her eczema.

Johnston stresses the importance of knowing your true self and learning to be kind to your skin. She views her eczema as a friend indicating an imbalance that needs correction, and it’s essential to listen to your body and recognize triggers.

Regardless of the strategies you use, Loubatières advises treating yourself with compassion and not being too hard on yourself after a scratching episode. Remember that the skin heals eventually, and it’s crucial not to be too harsh on yourself for a restful sleep.

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