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153: ADHS als Unternehmer und CBD mit Angie Lee meistern

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Hello friends! I am so excited to have Angie Lee on the show today. I’ve been following her on IG for a long time and she always makes me laugh and inspires me.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

– ADHD and navigating ADHD as an entrepreneur

– Her experiences with a brain scan and the Amen Clinic

– Her productivity hacks

– Starting Soul and how she sources CBD for her business

and so much more

Navigating ADHD as an Entrepreneur and CBD with Angie Lee

Get to know Angie and her background:

Angie Lee is a multi-hypewoman, comedy creator, keynote speaker, Forbes Top 100 podcaster, and co-founder of Soul CBD & Wellness. As a college and career dropout with ADHD, Angie always knew she was not born to fit in a box or play by the rules. She spent her young adult years searching for a productive outlet for all her creative energy, starting with the blog she launched around 2010 at the age of 19 from her dorm room. After much trial and error and a handful of business failures—including her healthy meal delivery service in Chicago—Angie used her outgoing personality to build a community of hundreds of thousands of ambitious women who make money from what they love, defying fear and establishing friendships.

You can contact Angie on her website and Instagram and check out Soul here.


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