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10 kleinere europäische Länder erhalten dank des UEFA-Trikot-Unterstützungsprogramms neue Trikots für 2024–26 – SportsLogos.Net News

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After a successful first joint venture in 2022, the UEFA and Italian sportswear manufacturer Erreà have joined forces once again for another round of the UEFA Kit Assistance Scheme. This program has been in existence since 2007 and „allows associations that do not have sufficient negotiating power with jersey suppliers to play in top-of-the-line apparel that represents their own national identity and culture through custom designs.“

Ten countries are participating in the 2024–26 cycle of the Kit Assistance Scheme, including newcomers Kosovo and Kazakhstan. In late September 2023, representatives from the football associations met with Erreà at their headquarters to select from a wide range of models and communicate the specific needs of their national teams, as well as parts of their history and tradition they wanted reflected in their new jerseys.

„With the start of this second biennial period, we aim to intensify our collaboration with the national teams and make significant progress in the design and presentation of the jerseys,“ said Erreà President Angelo Gandolfi. „We want to take our partnership with the football associations to a new level by offering innovative solutions and meeting their ever-increasing expectations.“

Below are the new designs and what Erreà had to say about each of them (well, almost):

Erreà’s Honor
The home jersey with a red background features original geometric triangle graphics in blue and yellow that not only remind of the national colors but also pay clear tribute to the mountains of Andorra. The original V-neck and sleeve cuffs are blue, with the initials of the association, „FAF“, printed in yellow on the back of the collar, and the slogan „#SomAndorra“ visible on the inside of the collar. The away jersey, on the other hand, is bright yellow with the same attractive geometric pattern, this time placed more dynamically in blue and red on the right side. An attentive eye will notice that the background stripes in matching colors resemble those of the association emblem. The jersey features a V-neck, blue sleeve cuffs, and the same slogan as the home jersey on the inside and back of the collar.

Erreà’s Dignity
The home jersey with a purple background is adorned with a traditional Belarusian symbol replicated tonally across the entire body of the jersey. A touch of originality is provided by the shoulder decoration in a different color, mint green, which creates a distinct visual contrast. The away jersey features the same graphic pattern as the main jersey, ensuring stylistic continuity by introducing a refined color change.

🇨🇾 CYPRUS 🇨🇾
Erreà’s Honor
Cyprus’s jerseys for 2024-26 are slightly more embellished than the ones for 2022-24, but still fairly traditional. Both the blue home jersey and the white away jersey feature contrasting horizontal chalk stripes on the front that taper at the edges and are diagonally offset as they move across the jersey. They also have contrasting collar and sleeve cuffs, as well as a gold Erreà logo on the chest.

Erreà’s Honor
The three jerseys stand out for their elegant and simple lines, all characterized by the same design. Each jersey features a central vertical stripe in three different colors representing the national flag when combined on different backgrounds: white for the home jersey, blue for the away jersey, and black for the third jersey. The V-neck and sleeve cuffs are available in different colors depending on the shirt. The Erreà logo is located in the center of the chest, while the association logo is visible on the left side.

Erreà’s Honor
The game jerseys combine art, history, and functionality: the first jersey features a yellow base color symbolizing the sun and energy. The stylized traditional Kazakh ornaments in the background serve as talismans and represent the luck, power, and strength of the Kazakh people. The jersey has a round neck and blue sleeve edges. On the right chest is the Erreà logo, on the left is the association emblem, and the Kazakh flag is depicted on the back of the neck. The second and third jerseys maintain the same graphic design in blue and black and still feature a round neck with the flag on the back.

🇽🇰 KOSOVO 🇽🇰
Erreà’s Honor
The minimalist home jersey with a bright blue background displays the outlines of the territory as depicted on the national flag. The sleeves and round neck have blue trims and the flag appears on the back of the collar. The Italian brand logo is on the right side, while the association logo is on the left above the heart. The second shirt has the same style on a white background, adorned with blue details. Lastly, the third black jersey reinterprets the territory’s profile from an alternative perspective and enriches it with golden details.

Erreà’s Honor
Liechtenstein’s blue home jersey features white vertical pinstripes, while the red away jersey displays them horizontally. Both the home and away jerseys have slightly different shades of blue or red between the stripes. The third jersey reverses the script and features gold pinstripes on a white background. It also has blue, red, and gold stripes on the sleeve cuffs, a deviation from the white cuffs of the other jerseys. On the left chest of all three jerseys is a crown symbolizing the nation’s status as a constitutional monarchy with the Prince of Liechtenstein at the helm. A similar crown appears on the country’s flag.

Erreà’s Honor
These kits embody national pride and combine style and functionality in an attractive design. The home jersey has a deep red background adorned tonally with the lion, the national emblem. The V-neck is bordered in red, while the sleeves are bordered in white and blue, paying homage to the colors of the national flag. The away jersey features a bright blue background with a striking light blue and red brushstroke pattern on the left side. The contrast between the background and the color spots creates a striking visual effect. The sleeve edges in red, white, and blue, as well as the blue V-neck, give the overall design a vibrant touch. The third jersey has a white background with the lion repeated tonally like on the home jersey. The V-neck is bordered in white, while the sleeves are bordered in red and light blue, reminiscent of the national colors. All three jerseys feature the national flag on the back collar and the embroidered logo of the Italian brand on the right chest, and Luxembourg’s coat of arms on the left over the heart.

🇲🇹 MALTA 🇲🇹
Erreà’s Honor
The home jersey with a red background stands out with the repetition of the Maltese cross in matching colors and the presence of white side bands. The ribbed collar and sleeves are red, with the same distinctive cross on the back of the collar. The Italian brand logo is on the right chest, while the association logo is on the left above the heart. The away jersey features the same tonal design, but with a reversed color combination, including collar, sleeves, and side bands details. Both the home and away jerseys feature the phrase „Lil din l-art ħelwa“ (To this sweet land) in the inner collar, the title of the national anthem.

Erreà’s Honor
The new jerseys not only represent a change in the visual appearance of the San Marinese national football team but also pay tribute to its rich history and cultural roots. The home jersey is a tribute to the national flag, harmonizing the predominant white with an impactful blue tone that extends to the chest, creating a distinctive and instantly recognizable identity. The away jersey, characterized by various shades of dark blue, features a clear connection to the community of San Marino and the surrounding region. The pixel pattern of the jersey recalls the borders of the Republic of San Marino, forming a striking and symbolic element in the overall design. Both new jerseys feature a V-neck and a custom neck band on the inside with the words „L’antica terrà della libertà“ (the ancient land of freedom), the historical nickname of the Republic of San Marino.

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