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file icon Gemeinsam aktiv
2.95 MB    28.11.2016

Freizeitaktivitäten mit geflüchteten Menschen partizipativ gestalten. Hintergrundinformationen und Good-Practice-Beispiele für FreizeitanbieterInnen und PädagogInne.




file icon LEAD for Climate Justice | Good Practice Broschüre
1.55 MB    30.07.2014

Zentraler Inhalt des Projektes „LEAD for Climate Justice “ war eine Weiterbildung zum Thema Klimagerechtigkeit und wie dieses Thema öffentlichkeitswirksam aufbereitet werden kann. Besonders der Austausch mit ExpertInnen aus Ländern, die direkt unter dem Einfluss des Klimawandels leiden, brachte den TeilnehmerInnen die Möglichkeit das Thema aus verschiedenen Perspektiven zu betrachten. Die TeilnehmerInnen schlossen ihre Ausbildung mit der Umsetzung von lokalen Aktionen im eigenen beruflichen Umfeld ab. Beispiele dieser finden sich in der vorliegenden Broschüre.


file icon Dossier "European Nuclear Policy"
1.24 MB    19.09.2012

The nuclear disaster of Fukushima provoked a rethink on the use of nuclear energy in Europe. It was for the first time that a densely populated industrial country, using the latest nuclear power generation technology, was affected. The incident revealed that the mere loss of grid connection can cause a break-down of the backup power supply in a matter of a few hours, which inevitably results in a core meltdown. Since the power grid is the weakest link in the power supply, one can easily imagine a similar disaster occurring in Europe. Germany and Switzerland have already responded and decided to abandon nuclear energy. In other countries, such as France, Fukushima has provoked heated discussions on a possible phase-out.

file icon A shared live experience of nature
2.85 MB    03.09.2012

Copycats are welcome!  Beyond presenting integration projects mounted by the Naturefriends movement and other associations in a total of five countries, the manual “A shared live experience of nature”, is meant to encourage civil-society organisations at large to approach migrants and to invite them to become involved in joint ventures.

Language(s): DE/EN/FR

file icon Naturefriends – a driving force
3.44 MB    31.03.2011

Acting in unison to set the course for a sustainable future

Naturefriends are internationally, ecologically and socially minded
Environmental protection and social justice are the causes espoused by the Naturefriends movement, which is global in character and democratic in structure. The focus of Naturefriends activities is on designing and implementing sustainability schemes for the environment and for the society at regional, national and international level.
Naturefriends stand for

  • tourism and leisure activities that are socially equitable and in tune with nature
  • the protection, preservation and dynamic interpretation of our natural and cultural heritage
  • the promotion of sustainable mobility as a contribution to climate protection


file icon A ‘radiant’ future thanks to nuclear power? Thank you, no!
751.76 KB    16.12.2009

After years of nuclear decommissioning, Europe is in danger of being hit by a resurgence of nuclear power utilisation. Using climate problems as a pretext, a number of countries are planning to build new nuclear power stations or to extend the life spans of existing ones.

Naturefriends are opposed to any nuclear power boost and/or extension of the life spans of nuclear power plants, because

  • the nuclear technology is risky and every “accident” has grievous consequences for the population of entire tracts of land
  • the radioactive radiation in the vicinity of the power stations can induce cancer
  • to this day, no solution has been found to the disposal of radioactive waste, which can be compared to a radiating time bomb active for millions of years
  • nuclear power is no sustainable source of energy, because uranium resources are limited and because nuclear power stations are in constant need of cooling water.


file icon Europe’s Road to Copenhagen
191.71 KB    26.05.2009

“Naturefriends International” – Position Paper for Copenhagen
10 demands addressed to the European Union and its members states by Naturefriends International

file icon Guiding Principles for Naturefriends Houses
505.4 KB    08.05.2009
In the course of almost one hundred years, Naturefriends have built more than 1000 houses. The spectrum extends from rustic mountain shelters to Naturefriends hotels. The present Guiding Principles set out the objectives pursued with our activities in the ‘houses sector’ and serve a common internal and external ap-proach. Naturefriends houses are identifiable by the Naturefriends logo and name.

file icon Small hydropower plants – not at all cost!
482.26 KB    23.01.2009

Friends of Nature Austria in cooperation with International Friends of Nature



file icon Naturfreunde und Afrika - Beispiele für erfolgreiche Nord-Süd-Kooperation auf NGO-Ebene
2.51 MB    30.12.2008
Die Naturfreunde Internationale (NFI) hat in den letzten Jahren ihren Wirkungsbereich auf neue Regionen ausgeweitet und dabei auch einen wichtigen Schritt in Länder außerhalb Europas unternommen. Seit einiger Zeit bestehen vor allem intensive Kontakte zwischen der NFI und Organisationen in Afrika, vorwiegend im französischsprachigen Westafrika, die sich für Umwelt- und Naturschutz engagieren und im sanften Tourismus tätig sind.
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