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file icon Jahresbericht/Annual Report/Rapport Annuel 2015
3.5 MB    22.09.2016

Jahresbericht/Annual Report/Rapport Annuel 2015




file icon NFI Report 2012-2014
4.14 MB    15.12.2015

NFI Report 2012-2014





file icon NFI Annual Report 2012
Empty!    14.04.2013

The Annual Report resumes the activities and projects of NFI, portrayed briefly and concisely within the different focus areas. Furthermore, there are links to specific topics, results and publications from this busy and productive year 2012.

Language(s): DE /EN

file icon Naturefriends Yearbook 2010
8.7 MB    20.05.2011
The content of this book includes various pictures that were taken during 2010, highlights of our organisations, opinions of people in the movement, information on the Naturefriends houses, all contact details of IYNF and NFI, our staff and board members, and also the member and IYNF partner organisations.
file icon NFI Report 2008-2010
2.27 MB    31.12.2010

NFI Report 2008-2010





file icon NFI Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2010
3.02 MB    05.04.2010
Kontur zeigen - der Nachhaltigkeitsbericht der Naturfreunde Internationale und respect.
file icon IFN report 2005-2008
2.69 MB    29.09.2008

The Highlights

  • On 3 June 2007 – a sweltering day – the kick-off-event for the Landscape of the Year 2007 – 2009 – The Danube Delta combined with a Fish&Art Festival took place in Tulcea (RO) in the presence of the Romanian Secretary of State for Water Management.
  • On 19 June 2008, the Natura Trails Campaign was awarded the title of Official Decade Project by the Commission for UNESCO under the heading of Education for Sustainable Development.
  • The progress we have made in the field of IT was mirrored in Friends-of-Nature marketing, when we launched the completely revamped website and the platform for all Friends-of-Nature houses
  • In 2007, IFN and respect were the first European environmental organisations to publish a joint sustainability report.
  • On 15 January 2008, the Friends-of-Nature EU Policy Office was opened in Brussels: It will be operated together with CIPRA International and tasked with lobbying for Friends-of-Nature concerns at EU level and acting as a service point for IFN and its national federations.


file icon Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2007
3.73 MB    11.02.2008
Kontur zeigen - der Nachhaltigkeitsbericht der Naturfreunde Internationale und respect.
file icon IFN report, 2002-2005
2.61 MB    25.10.2006

IFN report, 2002-2005.





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