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825.49 KB    26.11.2015
A manual on how to organise accessible outdoor activities.
file icon Kids for Nature
3.62 MB    10.07.2014

Die Naturfreunde haben gemeinsam mit einer Gruppe von SchülerInnen der neuen Mittelschule Loosdorf eine Broschüre gestaltet, die Erholungssuchende auf die Ansprüche gefährdeter Tierarten aufmerksam macht und zu einem rücksichtsvollen Aufenthalt im Naturschutzgebiet Pielach – Ofenloch – Neubacher Au motivieren soll.

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file icon Natura Trails: Tracking down Europe’s natural treasures
728.57 KB    09.07.2012

Image-Flyer on the Naturefriends' Natura Trails campaign

file icon Infosheet "Water:Ways"
1.57 MB    30.04.2012

Water:Ways – comprehending, experiencing and protecting water habitats
Glaciers, streams, rivers, riparian ecosystems, lakes and bogs - they all exert a strong pull on people looking for rest and relaxation. At the same time, as habitats, they are of particular importance to a diverse fauna and flora. As a result, the human use of the environment for leisure-time pursuits and relaxation often competes with the fauna's and flora's claims on their habitat - a competition which could often be avoided by behaving responsibly in the outdoors. Such responsible behaviour can be achieved by being aware of the singularity of these habitats and the threat imposed on them and their fauna and flora on the one hand and knowing about the needs of individual species on the other hand. In order to impart this knowledge as well as to increase delight in and enthusiasm about our environment, the Water:Ways campaign has been initiated in 2011 by Naturefriends International in cooperation with Naturefriends Austria and the Austrian Federal Forests.

file icon Natura Trail "Gömör-Torna Karst"
1.54 MB    28.10.2011

A Karst Region embraced by the Carpathians

file icon Evaluierung Natura Trail
3.55 MB    20.10.2010
Natura Trails - Österreichs Naturschätzen auf der Spur
Evaluierung des Projekts 2004 - 2007
file icon Natura Trail "Millstätter See"
680.58 KB    20.09.2010
Die Wälder und Buchten des Südufers
file icon Natura Trail "Rheindelta"
897.49 KB    27.05.2010
Vogelparadies am Bodensee
file icon Natura Trail "Bisamberg"
945.25 KB    27.05.2010
Faszinierende Natur am Stadtrand von Wien
file icon Natura 2000 campaign-info no. 10, March 2010
1.42 MB    23.03.2010


Natura 2000 campaign-info no. 10, March 2010

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