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Landscape of the Year 2018/2019 Senegal/The Gambia News (14)

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„Mama Africa“ – a holiday amongst friends

About 300 km to the West from Janjanbureh, the Gambian centre of the Landscape of the Year, the participants of the “Tour d’Horizon” had a short visit with “Mama Africa” in January 2018 and quickly became friends with the Gambian artist Isha Fofana – “Mama Africa” – and her German husband Bernd Ax. ”Mama Africa” is not only an exquisite holiday resort, but also a social project.

The concerns regarding sustainable tourism, match the concerns of the Naturefriends movement. The art centre and the guest bungalows might not be part of the Landscape of the Year but are a great chance to spend a few quiet days before or after the intense experiences from the Landscape of the Year. There are special prices for Naturefriends.
We received the following article from Mama Africa:

Mama Africa, situated in the fishing village Tanji at the Gambia River, is a wonderful place to be inspired by the art and culture of West Africa, to meet the Gambian people and to enjoy nature, to relax and to experience the fresh and creative cuisine. The artist Isha Fofana created a unique atmosphere with her one of a kind Art Centre, the exotic garden and the nine spacious, individually designed guest houses. She is also a wonderful host.

The guest can create their own, personal holidays. The Art Residence is close to the ocean – about ten minutes by foot – and offers room for various workshops and is a good starting point for further explorations, as for example a boat trip on the Gambia River or an excursion to Senegal. The fish landing in Tanji is a colourful event every single day and the Tanji bird sanctuary is close by. Another idea is to simply enjoy the warm sun in Africa and the comfortable tranquillity or to be inspired by the art.

At the same time, Mama Africa is a non-profit association, who especially supports women and girls in different life situations and actively helps them. For Isha, it is important that the women receive an education, help and are enabled to face everyday problems while being equipped to create their future. An environment, supporting the economic empowerment of women, needs to be created.

Mama Africa is the right place for everyone who wants to experience the country, the people as well as its culture and nature while supporting sustainable tourism development, benefitting the local community. All Naturefriends and their friends and family will receive a 20% discount when booking with Mama Africa. Just put in the code “Naturfreunde” when booking!

More information about Mama Africa:

The report about the visit at Mama Africa during the Tour d’Horizon (German, English, French):

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