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Naturefriends talk: Ciprian Costa / President Naturefriends Romania

You have been active for Naturefriends Romania for many years now. How did you get in touch with Naturefriends and what made you decide to be so committed over the years? Can you describe the most impressive moments with Prietenii Naturii Romania?
25 years ago, while I was a student in Timisoara, I was a member of a mountain club, partner of NFI. I loved the “nature and culture” motto and all activities, but also enjoyed being a member of a “ big family”- Friends of Nature.
One of the most important moments was when Romania became an "A" member of NFI.    

  Other important steps: the prize for Cabana Codrin at the Climate Competition; Landscape of the Year – Danube Delta; 2 new associations Friends of Nature in Romania;  introducing the Banat area in the project “Hiking Europe”; in 2017 we succeeded in a new way to keep records of all our members.  

 Prietenii Naturii Romania is one the small member organisations within NFI. What does it mean for you to be part of the international Naturefriends movement? How do you participate in the international network and how does that benefit you?


We are a small organisation which exists in the Western part of the country and we also have one NF house. Our members have contact with other NF organisations from Europe. We participated at workshops and seminaries and shared our experiences with the other members. When travelling abroad throughout the year, our members use as much as possible the NF houses.   


This year, you are taking part in the Erasmus+ project “Naturefriends Sports for all”. The member organisations are given tools to develop outdoor sports offers for people with disabilities. The first workshop, where you were present as well, just took part in Vienna.  
Why do you think that project is so important?


I liked this idea from beginning and the first workshop in Vienna was extraordinary. Because these activities in nature for people with disabilities are quite new in Romania, we almost have no infrastructure for them. This was the first step for us to understand and learn more about what people with disabilities need and how we can fulfil those needs.

2028 – where do you see Naturefriends Romania in ten years? What is your vision, what are you excited about and which challenges will have to be overcome?

In 10 years? It will be a challenge for us to have at least 10 local organisations with more than 100 members each, 10 NF houses, and many more activities.
Berg frei!


   (Mai 2018)

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