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Landscape of the Year 2018-2019 Senegal/Gambia News (10)

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Naturfriends go hiking in the Landscape of the Year
On the occasion of the "Tour d'Horizon", which was carried out very successfully in January 2018, opportunities were also explored to hike in the Landscape of the Year. Well suited for this is the Kunkilling Forest Park in The Gambia, located on the south bank of the Gambia River, about 5 km upstream from the district capital Janjanbureh.

„Forest Parks are managed forests, they are under state administration, and forestry is only possible with special permission and is regularly controlled.

In this protected area visitors can get acquainted with the rich fauna and flora of the region; the birdlife being especially interesting. The Park is accessible from four different villages, on so-called "eco-trails", permitting to explore part of the 200 hectares of protected area. The trails are each 0.5 or 1 km long, so the physical challenge is low. But in any way performance is not sought in the Park – the interest is focussed on the observation of nature. In cooperation with the Forestry Department of the region, the four villages ensure the management of the Park. During the Tour d'Horizon, only a short section of one of the trails was experienced – longer hikes are planned for further trips into the Landscape of the Year.

The Naturefriends of Koungheul (Senegal) also plan to create hiking trails in their part of the Landscape of the Year. This includes a so-called Natura Trail which starts at the village Maka Gouye. However, what is explored here is not a protected nature area, but nature in and around villages – fields, trees, orchards, plantations, etc. The path leads along a tributary of the Gambia River, so it also has special scenic attractions. And the many shrubs and trees along the way, which are important for natural medicine, are also of great interest.

This route has already been tested by the participants of the Tour d'Horizon. Ingrid Leutgeb-Born and Michael Leutgeb share their experiences from the tour on our tourism_LOG.

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