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Landscape of the Year 2018-2019 Senegal/Gambia News (9)

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Trees for the future
One of the highlights of the opening ceremony of the new Landscape of the Year was the fruit tree planting in three villages, done by African and European Naturefriends together with the local community. 


Climate Fund


In the dry Sahel region trees are essential for survival – especially fruit trees are important: They provide shade, they prevent erosion, create a healthy food supply, which can also be sold, and every tree is important for climate protection. So that the trees can grow they need to be watered at least three times a day and the leaves of each tree need to be protected so they are not eaten by goats or other animals. Naturefriends want to plant more than 2.000 trees together with the local community.Before each tree planting, extensive talks and a training on how to take care of the trees need to happen, to get the whole community on board in order to keep the trees alive.

The tree plantings are financed through the Naturefriends Climate Fund. Since 2017 all Naturefriends can compensate their greenhouse gas emissions from air and car travel and support climate protection projects for Naturefriends Africa and make their personal contribution for more climate justice. 100% of the payments are used to support specific projects which either focus on climate mitigation or climate protection. More information regarding the Climate Fund, how to submit payments and about the tree plantings happening within the Landscape of the Year, can be found on the Climate Fund website.  

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