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Landscape of the Year 2018/2019 Senegal/The Gambia News (6)

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Coming soon: The first African Landscape of the Year in the border region between Senegal and the Gambia will ceremoniously be opened on January 13th, 2018! The official opening event will take place in Koumbidja Socé, at the Senegalese-Gambian border – including a varied music and arts programme, as well as activities together with the local community and a tree planting event. 


Landscape of the year Senegal/The Gambia

Tour d`Horizon Senegal/Gambia
Tour d`Horizon Senegal/Gambia

 Tour d`Horizon  Senegal/The Gambia

Naturfriends Climate Fund


The preparations on-site for the festivities are running at full steam. Special consideration is being placed on including the local stakeholders. Thus, Naturefriends Kongheul are calling for a „Comité Départemental de Dévelopement“ – like a local Council of Ministers – especially for the Landscape of the Year, in order to include local authorities and to partner with them for future activities.
For the opening festivities of the Landscape of the Year 2018/19, a group of Naturefriends from Europe will be there as well. They will partake in the “Tour d’Horizon”, organised by Naturefriends International and Naturefriends Senegal and their partners.
So that all other Naturefriends in Europe can also experience this diverse region and the local community, Naturefriends International will cover the trip on Facebook – both locals and travellers will get a chance to share stories online.
Since demand for the Tour d’Horizon is high – the trip has been fully booked for many weeks now – some member organisations are already planning additional trips to that region. More information about this and also regarding the planned activities within the Landscape of the Year will be shared in the next issues of the NFI newsletter.   

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