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Climate Conference COP23 in Bonn
„Protect the climate – end coal!” – 25.000 people demanded this right before the world climate conference during a demonstration in the city centre of Bonn, to which more than 100 organisations for climate and environmental protection, as well as civil rights and church associations and development groups from all over the world – including Naturefriends Germany – had invited.


Mamadou Mbodji, Vicepresident of Naturefriends International and President of the Naturefriends Africa Network, was on-site as well. In his speech he called for climate justice and solidarity: “In the very near future, you will see Africa without Africans, if solutions are not taken now!" 
The results of the Climate Conference in Bonn summarised:
  •     The participants agreed that the current national climate protection goals for 2020 and 2030 are not sufficient to limit global warming to a maximum of 2 or 1,5 degrees Celsius – which was supported by a study from UNEP. 

  •     Until 2020, richer countries will support poorer countries on climate protection and mitigation measures and the climate support will be raised to 100 billion USD per year. How this will be financed still needs to be clarified. 

  •     In addition, the so called Talanoa dialogue was initiated: The treaty states are being called to start working on raising their goals for 2030 in earnest. Talanoa (Fiji) is an assembly where everyone is heard in order to reach a good result. 

  •     For the first time, the agricultural sector has been acknowledged as the second biggest issuer of greenhouse gases. 

Still, overall specific climate protection goals are missing and governments who take responsibility and act quickly are needed.  
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