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Landscape of the Year 2018-2019 Senegal/Gambia News (1)
koungheul village at the Senegal Gambia border
Koungheul Dorf an in der Granzregion Senegal Gambia

Agreement on Forest Resources and Wildlife Management between Senegal and the Gambia

Due to the successful political changes in the Gambia, conditions for the cooperation between Senegalese Naturefriends and their partners across the border improved tremendously. Extensive woodlands in the border regions of the two countries have suffered strongly because of illegal deforestation and overuse. Now, both countries had their Ministries for the Environment sign a cooperation agreement in April 2017 regarding the responsible use of forest resources close to the border.


Landscape of the Year Senegal/Gambia

Tour d`Horizon Senegal/Gambia
Tour d`Horizon Senegal/Gambia

 Tour d`Horizon - A journey to Senegal/Gambia

Naturefriends ClimateFund

According to the agreement joint programmes and strategies shall be developed and implemented, which includes a participatory approach to include the local communities. This is fully in line with the interests of local Naturefriends, who now have the chance to be the first in the region to start new developments and/or be part of such changes.
Both the Senegalese and the Gambian press have covered the agreement extensively: , english , french

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