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Friends-of-Nature House and Environmental Education Centre at Mbao/Dakar
Photo: Manfred Pils

The construction of the Friends-of-Nature House and Environmental Education Centre at Petit Mbao, taken in hand in 2001 with financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and with generous donations from the Friends-of-Nature family, was completed at the end of 2003 and inaugurated in January 2004.


Zu Gast in Senegal
Zu Gast in Senegal
Price: € 7,90

Prior to the construction of the building, a tree nursery had been set up on the same compound.
The house of Friends of Nature Senegal is impressive, due both to its architectural style and to the content of its programmes. On the one hand, the tradition of European Friends-of-Nature houses is upheld, and groups subscribing to partnership-based and ecological tourism will be impressed by its standard. On the other hand, the house is an environmental education centre equipped with lecture and conference rooms, where training courses are organised for volunteers involved in nature conservation and for eco-guides, and where seminars and meetings are mounted on general ecological issues. Moreover, a tree nursery is attached to it, where every year 20 000 trees are nursed and later planted as part of a large-scale attempt to curb progressing desertification.
The compound is available to Friends-of-Nature groups and to other groups interested in sustainable, socially responsible tours. Thirty beds are provided in the main building and in several African-style huts. Full board is offered upon request.
Since the house was formally opened in January 2004, several Friends-of-Nature groups from Austria, Belgium, France and Germany and international IFN groups have used the house as a base for 5-6-day excursion programmes to Dakar and its surroundings.

Photo: Manfred Pils
Opening ceremony of the house
Photo: Manfred Pils


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