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Landscape of the Year Senegal/Gambia
koungheul village at the Senegal Gambia border
Koungheul village at the borderregion
With the decision to implement the first African Landscape of the Year in Senegal and Gambia, the Annual Conference took an important first step. The newly developing network of Naturfriends organisations in Africa has turned into a vital part of our movement and makes values such as solidarity and global justice visible through partnership-based projects.

 According to the motto „Hand in Hand with Africa“, the first African Landscape of the Year shall initiate important local activities which will be accompanied by activities in Europe to show solidarity.
The official opening event will take place in the beginning of 2018 and European Naturefriends will be able to take part through a Naturefriends holiday organised by NFI.
Tour d`Horizon Senegal/The Gambia  - Visiting the Landscape of the Year
For the first African Landscape of the Year, Naturefriends International is organising a two-week trip through Senegal and the Gambia in January 2018 and all interested Naturefriends are warmly invited to join!

The first part of the tour leads to the border region between the two communities Koungheul in Senegal and Janjanbureh in the Gambia, where a visit to local initiatives and an exchange with the local population is planned. In addition, the local, cultural treasures and a boat tour on the river “Gambia” are part of the itinerary. A highlight during the journey will be the official opening ceremony for the Landscape of the Year, which includes a diverse cultural programme and a joint tree planting event.

The second part takes the group through the Gambia, including a visit to Tanji, with its interesting village museum, and Banju, where a pilot project for sustainable energy generation is part of the programme. Finally, three relaxing days in Toubacoutag in the Saloum-Delta (Senegal), including a boat tour through the mangrove forests and a visit to the village Missirah, are planned.

The tour will take place from January 11th till 25th, 2018. The costs (including the flights from Europe to Dakar) will amount to approximately 2.000 till max. 2.500 Euro. A detailed itinerary will be provided within the next weeks. Non-binding registrations are already possible!
Andrea Lichtenecker
Executive director
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Katrin Karschat 
Bodies & members and Sustainable tourism development
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