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Sustainability-Scouts – Peer-to-peer learning for schools

In the activity “Sustainability Scouts”, collaboration between Austrian and African schools will be fostered and supported by Naturefriends International.
Educational material on sustainability in tourism will be prepared in German, English and French and provided for teachers in Austrian and African schools. This supports both Austrian and African schools to cover the topic sustainability in tourism in parallel.


Teachers guideline 

After the contents have been conveyed in the lessons, the partner schools will be provided with a moderated online platform by NFI which enables pupils to create their profiles and exchange their experience via chat. Furthermore chaired common online class room meetings are planned where the students can discuss in real time, supported by webcams and microphones. Additionally they will be enabled to exchange their experiences with the subject and present their perspective to the partner students.

Concluding, there will be a discussion to reflect about the perception and understanding of sustainability in tourism within the partner countries.

Partners in this project are Naturefriends International, Vocational school for trade and travelling, Vienna and CEM Ibrahima Thiaw, Dakar.

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