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Naturefriends meeting with Martin Schulz, the President of European Parliament
  Photo:  European Union 2015 - European Parliament

Initiated by Michael Müller, the Chair of Naturefriends Germany, Naturefriends meeting with Schulz took place on 20th January in Brussels attended by Manfred Pils, the President of Naturefriends International and Seda Orhan from the NFI Brussels Office. The meeting took place in a friendly and cordial atmosphere. During the meeting Michael Müller articulated socio-ecological justice as the guiding principle of Naturefriends movement and gave a brief history of Naturefriends while highlighting Naturefriends’ fundamental values of democracy, freedom, justice and solidarity.

Manfred Pils expressed Naturefriends strong concern over the new European Commission, with regard to its composition, political priorities and its new Work Programme which fails to address Europe’s current environmental and sustainability challenges (see also the latest releases from the Green 10). Pils especially underlined Naturefriends’ opposition to Commission’s withdrawal of important environmental legislations and its inadequate approach to sustainable development. He also  pointed out Naturefriends deep concerns over the controversial TTIP negotiations (the EU-US transatlantic trade and investment partnership).

Naturefriends is going to continue its political dialogue with the leading decision makers at EU level.

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