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Projects for people and the environment in Togo
Foto: CASE Togo
Donating watering cans can cause more excitement among pupils than soccer balls? That is exceptional, especially in Africa. But still, it’s what we’ve witnessed on our last Naturefriends journey to Togo. There are approximately 3,000 Naturefriends in Togo, united by CASE Togo – Amis de la Nature.

One of their priorities is promoting environmental education in schools. Over the last seven years, CASE Togo has founded 27 environmental clubs, in which 1,500 pupils learn about climate change, the importance of forests or how to avoid waste.

Naturefriends Germany and numerous local groups have been supporting projects of Naturefriends Togo for several years. In Togo and in Bremen pupils were simultaneously trained to be “Climate Scouts”. There was also support for the establishment of tree nurseries by environmental clubs. A huge problem in Togo is that cooking requires a lot of wood. This is why CASE Togo and German Naturefriends have started a project in which households are equipped with more economical cooker stoves – see the contribution of Pablo Yaovi Agbogan, Secretary General of CASE Togo. The project aims to raise the awareness of families and pupils in cities and villages to sensible use of natural resources, and to protect plants and forests.

Petra Müller, Vice president of Naturefriends International

90 cooker stoves have already been given to families. If you want to support this project – a cooker stove costs 20 € – you can donate to the following bank account:

Spendenkonto NaturFreunde Deutschlands
Stichwort: „Sparkocher“ Togo
IBAN: DE75660205000008707002
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Karlsruhe

Naturefriends Togo commitment for the protection of the environment and the climate:
Families in Togo receive economical cooker stoves

Just like in all western African countries, damages to forests and deforestation have reached worrying dimensions in Togo, where the need for food and wood resources has increased sharply due to the rapid population growth. The Togolese population is more than ever dependent on wood as source of energy. In 2010, statistics showed that in 90% of the cases, Togolese households are dependent on firewood and charcoal. In order to satisfy this need, plant resources are used excessively, which further advances the degradation of the forests. This over-dependence on traditional sources of energy leads to an ever more increasing damage of the forests. Traditional cooker stoves have very bad thermal efficiency (8-13%) and a low degree of carbonisation (18%), which further aggravates the situation.

This is why Naturefriends Togo (CASE Togo – Amis de la Nature) promote the use and distribution of the improved cooker stove ASUTO. This stove, just like traditional stoves, is produced locally, using local materials (clay, brick or brass). However, its production is environmentally friendly and takes into account socio-economic issues. ASUTO uses 30% less charcoal than a traditional cooking stove and thus contributes to mitigate the man-made pressure on forests.

Thanks to the contributions by Naturefriends Bremen within their North-South-Climate Partnership and thanks to Naturefriends Germany, CASE Togo was able to buy ninety of these cooker stoves, which were distributed among families in the city of Kpalimé and the town of Adéta. Beforehand, they had received training on how to use these cooker stoves correctly and efficiently.

Naturefriends Togo thank all donators for their generosity and take the liberty of calling upon the solidarity of more friends, which would enable them to equip even more families with a new cooker stove over the next months. This would encourage the rural and urban population in Togo to use more economical cooker stoves and thus would oppose the over-use of forests in Togo.

by Pablo Yaovi Agbogan, Secretary General of CASE Togo-Amis de la Nature


Zita Amah Alomadu, who already uses the new stove when cooking for her family, recounts her experiences: "Cooking with this stove is so much more pleasant, especially when it's hot outside, because it releases less heat. We need less charcoal for the same cooking time. We thank CASE Togo and Naturefriends for familiarising us with the advantages of this cooker stove.“

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