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Open Letter from the Green 10: New Commission sidelining environment

Together with the other members of the Green 10, Naturefriends International expresses their grave concerns on the structure and priority-setting of the new EU Commission. The virtual lack of any references to environment in the responsibilities of the Vice-Presidents gives reason to fear a serious downgrading of environmental protection issues.

Amongst other points Green 10 criticise in the strongly worded letter that:

  • Instead of a Commissioner dedicated to environment, this policy area is merged with Maritime Affaires and Fisheries
  • The merging of Climate and Energy portfolios under a Commissioner with well-known links to the fossil fuel industry and impending issues of conflict of interests
  • Sustainable development, resource efficiency and the green economy are not covered at all at Vice-President level

The Green 10 demand that these issues must be addressed if the European Parliament is to approve this Commission. If not, the EU is in risk of undermining it’s standing in one of the view areas where there is a broad consensus amongst citizens on the usefulness of EU actions.

In a direct letter to the European Parliament, Green 10 appeal to the representatives of the EU’s population to block Jean-Cluade Juncker’s attempt to undermine the EU’s environmental policies.

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