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A Network for People and Nature
The butterfly is the perfect hallmark for the Landscape of the Year

Since 1989, International Friends of Nature has designated eleven Landscapes of the Year, all of which have certain things in common. Irrespective of their diverse topographies, which range from high and low mountain ranges, via river landscapes, lakes and estuaries to wooded areas and vast planes, all of them are border-crossing, most of the time structurally weak regions banking on gentle tourism.

The formal proclamation event, is the occasion on which the ‚baton’ is symbolically passed by the old to the new Landscape of the Year and the first direct link is forged between people from different regions.
Another link has now been forged by setting up an international network and laying the groundwork for continuous cooperation. International Friends of Nature and its national federations both support and form part of the network.

Objectives of the Network

  • exchange experience among the regions
  • identify similar problems and develop common strategies and solutions
  • cooperate with other European actors in the field of sustainable development
  • jointly position sustainable tourism products and offerings on the European market
  • set up European regional partnerships in line with the spirit of European integration
  • continually evaluate previous activities and developments while preparing the ground for future steps in the regions

The achievement of these objectives will be served by periodic meetings, by workshops devoted to core themes and instruments for joint PR work and marketing, including a website, appearances at the Hannover Reisepavillon, and publications.

A dynamic network

Europe is changing and expanding. The network, too, will be enlarged by future Landscapes of the Year and will generate a momentum of its own. As a result, the regions will be able to resort to a constantly growing wealth of experience and will be able to enhance their cooperation. Through the joint marketing of innovative regional products and offerings, the network will be able to make the many facets of Europe tangible for tourists. 



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